The benefits of massage are well documented; lowering stress by reducing harmful levels of adrenaline and cortisol and encouraging the release of ‘feel-good’ endorphins.

You will feel relaxed, soothed and wonderful at the end – if you haven’t dropped off (and that’s OK with me!).

I use the techniques of sports massage – because it’s far more targeted to a problem area, focusing on correcting imbalances caused by trauma or strain, for the relief of soreness and pain.

You need never have taken part in sport or broken a sweat to book a massage with me – they are not the requirements!

The only criteria is if you need it – and I’m yet to meet anyone who didn’t need a massage.
It’s a wonderful healing technique that uses the principles of recovering from sports injuries for pregnancy and post-natal recovery instead.

Massage for relaxation

Pregnancy can be a strain on the brain as well as the body and a massage can do wonders to just slow you down and give you a break from all the running around.

First-time parents  are busy preparing, being given advice left, right and centre, shopping, researching and trying to get it right.

They’re also likely to still be working, many of them full-time and could just do with a little TLC.
For parents  expecting another baby, they will most definitely benefit from this time to relax, because they will already be busy with another child or more, perhaps working and have other commitments to juggle too.

You could consider it a treat or a luxury, but looking after your body is  essential, not extra!
Book in, get it into your diary, and make time for you, but also for this wonderful restorative time!

Massage for healing

Your pregnancy may be hard or you may be recovering after baby has arrived – and massage can give you the healing you need.

Just relaxing will do you good but I’m a specialist in knowing how to massage pregnant and post-natal women, because it is done a little differently.

I can also concentrate safely on any problem areas, giving you some tips for what to do at home in-between sessions or until you think you’d like another one.

How often should I come?

A regular massage will be hugely beneficial so I would always suggest it as a continuing once a month therapy.

However, one-off massage and sessions when you need it are also helpful to the body and can be booked ad-hoc with me.

I will always advise you on what I think is best and then we can take it from there, depending on your needs, finances and time.

The benefits of Massage


Less pain

Better sleep (at home!)

Improved mood

Relief of muscle tension, cramps and spasm

Less stiffness

Increase blood and lymph circulation

Reduce swelling

Better posture

Less fatigue

Reduction in stress symptoms

like hair loss and anxiety

Relief of symptomatic pregnancy related ailments

Your body will thank you

Yes it will – so please do ask me about a massage and get booked in to feel these fabulous benefits.

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