Before I had my children I was a personal trainer but took a short career break to have them. This is when my personal training career took a turn along the path of helping women before, during and after childbirth.

I became exposed to the difficulties women were facing in adjusting to the demands of parenthood and the changes that had occurred to their bodies.

Friends turned to me as a trainer to help get them back into shape and I soon realised the many considerations there are to navigate, from trying to get baby in an optimal position ready for labour, getting mum stronger and fitter in order to cope with labour, and then the rehabilitation of the post-natal body; weakened pelvic floor, separated abdominals (diastasis recti) and lower and upper back pain to name a few. Getting the right support during this confusing time is critical.

Once I became a mother, after two birth experiences that weren’t what I expected, I realised I wanted to change the narrative surrounding pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period. The cultural expectation that women should just ‘put up’ with things like urinary incontinence and abdominal separation just isn’t acceptable

Almost everyone jokes about women wetting themselves when they laugh, jump, cough or sneeze once they have had a child.

I set off on a mission to educate myself with the very best researched and evidence-based information possible to support this very special population, gaining lots of lovely new qualifications along the way:

  • Advanced Modern Post Natal Assessment Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming

  • Advanced Pregnancy Wellness Practitioner

Optimum Nutrition & Lifestyle for Post Natal Healing & Recovery

  • 3rd Age Women

  • Pelvic Flow & freedom

  • Sports Massage Therapy

  • Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage Therapy

  • Visceral Massage

  • Scar Therapy

And after that – I went a step further, deciding that I really wanted to be able to support women the whole way through their parenthood journey and became a Doula and Breastfeeding Peer Supporter too.

Massage therapy plays a huge part in the rehabilitation process, easing common pregnancy pains, releasing restricted fascia and allowing the body to realign – something we should all take the time to do regularly.

Dealing with my abdominal separation (or diastasis recti) wasn’t easy – like so many women, I didn’t know I even had it and once I did figure it out, there was no-one who could tell me how to fix it.  I experienced a range of unhelpful and conflicting advice.

Burrell Education Advanced CPD in Modern Post Natal Assessment, Core Restore & Functional Exercise Programming
Burrell Education in modern post natal assessment & exercise prescription CPD
Burrell Education Advanced pregnancy wellness practitioner level 2
Burrell Education Modern Post Natal Exercise and Wellness Level 1
Burrell Education Optimal Nutrition & lifestyle for post natal healing & recovered certification
Burrell Education Pelvic Flow & Freedom

My background in fitness, then becoming a mother, healing myself and now healing and supporting others, using every inch of my training, qualifications, courses and life experience – it all goes into the melting pot to give each and every one of my clients a bespoke treatment plan.

Watching women flourish

My work as a pregnancy and post-natal fitness coach, doula and massage therapist is so varied and I love helping women to rediscover themselves and uncover their natural sparkle. Seeing the transformation in my clients, their renewed confidence and ability to fall in love with their bodies again is so fulfilling.

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