My passion is helping women feel their best. The suite of services I offer utilises the latest evidence and expert knowledge in female wellness, pregnancy, labour and postnatal support, pelvic health and massage.

My aim is to cocoon you with support through your pregnancy, labour and early post-natal period and help to get you, back to you, whether that is overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction, separated abdominals (diastasis recti) or specific female health issues.  I offer four different types of luxurious massages to help ease common pregnancy and post-natal ailments, scar therapy and general aches and pains using specialist techniques to leave you relaxed and moving more freely. As a Doula, I offer both online support packages and in person support, at home, at hospital or birth centre.  Please go to the Services page to learn more.

I’m here to show you how to move your body forward and provide support through your whole pregnancy journey and my women’s health network will provide practical joined up solutions that get amazing results.

I ensure a holistic approach to health as supporting mental wellbeing for me is as important as your physical health.

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